I chose the training at Coach Academy for 3 reasons: ICF-recognized curriculum along ICF competencies; trainings during the evening, which helps you complete the course while working; and because of the practice-oriented approach. A month after the end of the training, I can now say that I was not disappointed, all my expectations were met, in fact – I got even more from this training than I had hoped.
We were given a professional, enthusiastic and devoted, professionally educated team who guided us through our learning and self-knowledge journey with incredible dedication and attention – because during the training it turned out that the two things – becoming a coach and gaining self-knowledge – are inseparable, one cannot exist without the other. Of course, if we want to represent quality and be credible in the eyes of both ourselves and our customers. Noticeably, this was clearly in the mind of the instructors, and their vocation permeated us as well. A real community was formed, week after week we enjoyed each other’s company and shared, joyful learning – compared to the fact that my energy usually drops strongly on Friday afternoons, I always came home full of sparkling eyes, thoughts and experiences at the end of the lessons and couldn’t wait for the next one. opportunity.
I wholeheartedly recommend Coach Academy to anyone who values ​​authenticity, quality, and who is not afraid to see and take a close look at themselves in the mirror held by fellow students and faculty. It was one of the most beautiful, instructive 9 months of my life!

Angéla Reigl – September 2019


In conclusion, this year is a turning point for me, in which the course has played a central role. There were several cardinal changes in my life right when I signed up for the training and I was afraid it would just be an additional responsibility on my shoulder, one more thing to “do”.
Fortunately, I couldn’t have made a bigger mistake! I am past a period of turmoil and uncertainty, in which I had to reinterpret my roles, put personal and co-worker relationships on a new footing. It was obviously a tense process, but I felt like I had a lot of useful tools from you to deal with it.
The other driving force was the community itself, made up of fellow students, with whom it was good to meet week after week, to live “aha-experiences” together and to follow each other’s development. I hope we will not disappear from each other’s lives.
Going back, I still can’t define what I consider myself to be or what my exact role is in our company, but I don’t want to anymore. I realized I’m not a person to break into categories, and that’s okay!

Gabriella Bódi – September 2019


I applied for this training because I was interested in coaching, I thought professionally that I wanted to deal with it. At the same time, to my greatest shock, it has brought me on a journey of self-knowledge that I have changed a lot about, developed a lot, and the coaching approach now completely permeates my daily private and business life as well. This change of attitude has already brought me a lot of happiness and help in my life, which method I feel I have contracted for life. Thanks for everything!

Judit Darvas – September 2019


Professional team, professional techniques. Far beyond my expectations, I got ammunition on the road, in knowledge, technique, thinking.

Tamás Széll – September 2019


I wish everyone the same inner journey I received from the Coach Academy. Not only did I gain theoretical knowledge, but the training also opened new doors for me. What awaits me is infinitely exciting what awaits me, but I can only encourage everyone and invite you to this journey, because everything starts from acknowledging and accepting ourselves. We don’t have to make this a profession for everyone but being ourselves is the greatest value everyone should have.

Rita Pető – September 2019


Coach Academy was a good decision, I wouldn’t do it any other way today. Exceptional teaching staff, cheerful serenity, professional competencies, everything was given for development. I received maximum support throughout the programme, for which I am grateful. I wholeheartedly recommend Coach Academy, as I have done. I owe the academy my thanks and gratitude.

Attila Kluka – September 2019


I’m so glad I was able to study here. The trainers are well prepared, in addition to the valuable theoretical knowledge, I also got a lot of practice-oriented knowledge. I recommend the training to all those who are looking for quality training and want to learn from well-trained practitioners.

Marianna Hunyady – September 2019


The trainers in the program were extremely qualified, sharing a lot of their own experiences with us, which helped my personal and professional development. I experienced a journey here that brought me closer to myself and received confirmation of how to proceed.

Réka Málnási – September 2019


I’m proud to have graduated here too.
I can wholeheartedly recommend the full-time course of the Coach Academy, with wide-ranging instructors, a practice-oriented approach, an honest handover of serious coaching foundations, an excellently accompanied practical module and fantastically eager educational organizer background support! Hard work, but the school is a reliable support. Worth it!

Izabella Csordás – May 2019


Why Coach Academy? I was sure I wanted to start becoming a coach through practice-oriented, accredited course, rather than a fast-paced training. After hours of browsing, I started calling coaching training centres who offered this on their website. After the first inquiring call, I knew THIS WAS IT. I was given openness, flexibility, full information, and even then I felt that I was important, not that the training was forced down my throat.
I recommend it to everyone who values ​​practice-oriented training, gaining experience, well-organized implementation, learning about several types of practice, and at the same time learning a precise, well-defined system of criteria. I got all of this here while constantly getting and being able to give feedback on my own progress and the progress of others. I’ve come across a lot of specific, tangible tools without saying any of them are the “sure winners”. I learned the importance and content of each coaching competence through my own experiential task, which gave me a much deeper, more lasting knowledge and thus professionalism, as if I had been given a textbook.
Finally, I need to highlight the professional organization, the endless and immediate support I received from Szilvi throughout the process, starting with that particular first phone call enquiry. I dare say that in today’s adult education system I have not really encountered anything like this 🙂

Mariann Konkoly-Clamba – May 2019


I came to train at the Coach Academy by referral, so I had extremely high expectations, which the course effortlessly met. During the first 2-3 months of training, I found what was said to be very hazy, although all the instructors said it took time to digest the curriculum, but patience was never my best friend.
I came in as a consultant, with significant results behind my back and with a corresponding ego, but here I got an insight into how I can represent my Clients at a higher level. It took about 8 months from the beginning to the end of the course, which was plenty enough to fundamentally change my views, both in relation to my work so far and to turn to the future.
I think I can recommend the course to everyone with a good heart because not only can you get a new vision, but like me, a new profession.
I am committed to Coaching and I will continue to count on the Academy’s Instructors to help me move on professionally, this is a very good place 😊.

Botond Magó – May 2019


Professionally grounded training with excellent professionals (as teachers) providing a strong foundation. For those who are serious about coaching and really want to invest time and energy in their training, I fully recommend the Coach Academy!

Adrienn Dankó – May 2019


The themes are very well thought out, the training days are active, practice-oriented and community-forming. A good mood, learning, lots of life-like tasks help personal development along ICF competencies. What I think is outstanding about Coach Academy is that during the course we often reflect on our own coach identity, thinking about what will help us get started after school. I would also like to highlight the trainers, who gave their insights into the essence, everyday life and challenges of coaching with their personal examples and learning. I couldn’t have chosen a better school, I can only recommend it to anyone who wants to be a coach.

Tamara Gyurcsek – May 2019


Here we really become a coach, acquiring and developing ICF competencies and ourselves. Instead of books, we lean on our abilities, and it is up to us to support this with literature. The teaching staff passes on their knowledge to us as adults. It was a very good experience, and thanks to our education organizer, we also cared about the framework. Thank you for everything and I hope we will our paths cross again.

Orsolya Nagy – May 2019


Practice-oriented, international quality training.

Andrea Nagy – May 2019


What did I get out of these nine months while going through during my training at the Coach Academy? Re-framing. In goals, motivation, experiences. Closures. Painful learning and experiences. A rock-solid value system and framework for coaching that I can return to at any time and that allows me to make myself understood in any language at home and anywhere in the world. Enormous energy and creativity to fill these frames and make them unique. Recognizing how I can connect and reinforce my previous learning with coaching. Perfect to take with you!

Katalin Draskóczi – December 2018


I have been involved in coaching, skills development and business consulting for 13 years. I loved training at the Coach Academy because all along I felt like they were really paying attention to me, that they thought it was really important for me to be able to move forward compared to myself. It was evident that the curriculum was of a high standard and that the trainers were fit and prepared: that is why they choose them. However, the experience is that they have really put energy into getting to know each of us so that they can personally support us in getting the most out of ourselves far beyond my preconceived expectations. I recommend the training to those who really want to learn how to be pros on this track. Thanks!

Hilda Plesztovits-Mikó – December 2018


What makes a good coach?
We look for answers, we think, we try to rationalize our thoughts. The Academy showed me and led me on how to pursue my way. The real gift to myself was born of myself, but I was inspired by them and them. Thanks!

Erika Alföldi-Szabó – December 2018


The full-time training of the Coach Academy for me was about high professional quality, practice-orientation, collaborative partnership – both with the Coach Academy team and with my other teammates; and last but not least, it was about my own development. The training immersed me unnoticed, and the 10-month went by quickly as a flow experience. If you were to ask if I would choose them again? My answer is yes.

Dóra Janzsó – May 2018


I took a long, thorough training. Everyone brings out as much of it as they want. I wanted a lot and the instructors were partners in that. They are diverse, different, and great professionals. Thanks!

Barbara Bodnár – June 2018


If you are willing to accept that change is not necessarily a bad thing, and if you see this as a path to your development, then you are in the right place. I really recognized this at the Coach Academy for being infinitely grateful to the instructors here.

Nikolett Vincze – June 2018


If you have the courage to learn the essence of coaching instead of a few useful tools, then this is the place for you.

Mátyás Balogh – June 2018


A real journey of self-knowledge, authentic instructors, a fantastic, inspiring community.
And the organization is simply excellent! I can only recommend the Coach Academy.

Nóra Guta-Földi – May 2018


I recommend the Coach Academy to those who want to gain a solid foundation in the field of coaching with which to start this career and build on it later. Anyone who likes to ask questions or listen, who wants to learn as much as possible about coaching – both on its theoretical and practical side – who is open to themselves and others, is ready to embark on a journey or continue their journey. A well-prepared, experienced team provides competent support to all participants in a safe, unrestricted environment, where learning and development are truly an experience.

Klára Vidéki – December 2017


During the course, I understood what “Support for You” means!
I was looking for a training where I could apply what I had learned in the classroom trainings in practice. I got a lot more than that! Outstanding professional trainers, personalized feedback, attention, development and excellent educational organization. If you are looking for such training, you are in the right place!

Edina Kiss-Kovács – December 2017


I recommend Coach Academy to all those who want to get the best knowledge from the top professionals in the business coaching profession. The training is diverse, very practice-oriented, and the internships are excellent. It all supports you not only to master the ins and outs of the profession, but also to find your way to yourself to truly hear your own voice, thus establishing your professional credibility. And that’s the treasure you can find with Coach Academy.

Ágnes Vad – December 2017


I recommend the Coach Academy training for those looking for internships and the opportunity to ask back in a coach training – much more so than the traditional teacher-student lineup. Thank you for what I received!

Erika Gál – December 2017


The full-time training at the Coach Academy is a well-structured, highly practice-oriented training with trained instructors. It met my expectations to a great extent. It provided a solid foundation for becoming a coach, and gave me the skills, tools, way of thinking and methodology that will help me in further construction and development. It was a fantastic self-knowledge trip for me for 8 months of training. Special thanks for the comprehensive organizational support I received during the training.

Marianna Bokor – June 2017


I assessed the possibilities of providing business coach knowledge from a point of experience (leadership, self-knowledge trainer, psychodrama assistant) and specific needs (in addition to open-ended theoretical training led by several instructors). I got what I expected and what I was promised. Given the experience gained during the training process, I would choose the Coach Academy again!

István Cseke– June 2017


I wholeheartedly recommend Coach Academy to those looking for real hands-on training with authentic and exemplary instructors. Outstanding is also the kind of attentive and helpful background support, thanks to whom we always knew what to do, when in order to pass the exam.

Tímea Jakab– June 2017


In our fast-paced world, ‘encounters’ that are not overwhelming us with another floods of unprocessed information, or trying to convince us of a single ‘one size fits all’ solution, are becoming more and more important. They are leaving room for us to look at ourselves and within ourselves, remember, find and explore something we already have from somewhere, and shape them into something new in a different framework, complemented by the possibilities offered on a silver plate.
If you expect something similar from a coach or a coach training, you’ve probably found it here.

András Szabó – June 2017


I searched for the right training for a long time until I found you. Over the course of nine months, I received a thorough and varied theoretical education, spiced with many practice opportunities and a diverse group of instructors whose goal was to pass on their own coaching experience, knowledge and learning, creed, keeping in mind the beauty and challenges of the profession. And the internships provided at reputable companies are springboards that I could not and would not have dared to step on without your support.

Klaudia Sidó – June 2017


The other day I was asked if I would choose the school again? Without a doubt: YES !! It met all my expectations, surpassed me, in every way! I made a good decision.

Angéla Zilahi – June 2017


It was a wonderful journey, with more than beautiful stops in the sea of ​​self-knowledge. After the course, you see yourself a lot better, I understand the WHY more clearly, and it gave me a lot of tools to clean up the stops where I didn’t feel so good.

Éva Fekete – June 2017


With an open heart, I would recommend the training to any thinker who is wondering that something is missing from their lives, something that is elusive, that lifts and flies with it… For me, this training was like that.

Tímea Puskás – June 2017


The most exciting journey of my life…

Zita Friedewald – June 2017


I wholeheartedly recommend this training to anyone who is interested in coaching and who allows (allows) this change to take place with an open heart and mind. I recommend it also to those who work on an emotional plane, but also to those who have never been able to imagine this about themselves. Incredible experience and very great learning. Tünde Csomortáni – June 2017
An inspiring, creative community with support that exceeds all expectations.

Pap Gizi – June 2017


Versatile, colourful, practice-oriented training.

Krisztina Fraknói – June 2017


Each training day is inspired and motivated. Authentic teachers, well-structured curriculum, opportunities for future learning, community – it all means to me that I studied here. In the process, I won an internal coach, my goals became real, and I was moving forward. It was one of the best investments of my life in myself.

Szilvia Gyurik – May 2017


It was a wonderful journey towards myself, which also brought positive changes in everyday life. Teachers took our hands one by one, supported and accompanied us along the way. Thank you all.

Mónika Borbás – May 2017


I am very satisfied with the training, I really enjoyed the journey that was accompanied by the instructors and my peers. I recommend it to all my dear friends with a calm heart.

Károly Vizdák – May 2017


It is a meaningful training with a lot of hurray feelings about self-awareness and with knowledge that can be used in everyday life.
I recommend it to anyone, for any purpose.

József Varga – May 2017


One of the strengths of the training is the diversity of the instructors. When you just think you know what coaching is, you realize you don’t. But this is how it will really be yours!
If you dare to learn about yourself, don’t hesitate!

István Takács – May 2017


It was a very good decision to apply for the training. I met great people and gained tremendous knowledge. My goal is to move to the next level and be able to help as many people as possible on the path I set out on.

Gábor Potolák – May 2017


The trainers are excellent professionals and the topics of the training help to acquire important competencies in the training with a very good schedule.

Johanna Szabina Szabolcs – May 2017


I highly recommend the training to anyone who loves working with people and is just looking for a new profession and also to those who just want to hone their self-knowledge or are looking for new friends.
Well-organized training, friendly environment, dedicated, authentic instructors.
They stood their ground in all situations, creating emotional security for me in all learning, conflict and more sensitive situations. Not even a single encounter with recent loss made them insecure, there could be room for difficult emotions in the group, they could work with him.
I’m glad I got to know the Coach Academy team and learn from them!
I will always think of training classes with great love.

Nikolett Czakó – December 2016


At the Coach Academy, in addition to the technical subtleties of the profession, I received a lot of personal support and a lot of practice opportunities. Plus, I could be who I am and from that point on, maybe one day I’ll be who I’ve always wanted to be…

Károly Hábenczius – December 2016


The professional knowledge, human attitude and credibility of the instructors exceeded all my expectations. I had the opportunity to develop in the field of self-knowledge and coaching for which I am maximally grateful.

Judit Oláh – December 2016


Practice-focused, supportive training.

Réka Papp – June 2016


I strongly recommend this training to all those who want to provide support, in addition to getting to know them, to those who are stuck at some point in their lives or have a problem that they would like to seek support to solve.

Éva Nagy – 2016. June


This 9 months was a serious journey of self-knowledge for me. Thank you!

Henriett Baksa – June 2016


After a skeptical start, I finished the training with complete satisfaction. Maybe I became a coach, we’ll see. Now, I feel the personality development I’ve been through over the past few months is more important. Thank you to my colleagues and teachers, Szilvi, for spending time together. It was good with you!

Gábor Lázár – June 2016


Practice-oriented training supported by various development methods, from professional professionals.

Beáta Ambrus – June 2016


Very practical training. We get a lot of feedback on our progress. We also learn a lot from each other and from the instructors. I really like the approach that the training provided, it has brought positive changes both as a professional and as an individual.

Beatrix Varjaskéri – June 2016


Following a theoretical foundation, we gain experience through practice while continually reflecting on the experience. This process provides real preparation for the initial phase of becoming a coach. Thank you for your training, Coach Academy!

Zsófia Németh – June 2016


If you’re looking for a coaching training to lay the fundations, where you’re introduced to the world of coaching and all of this is practiced with you many times, Coach Academy is for you.
Peer coaching, supervision, mentor coaching, and internships will all strengthen you in who you are and where you want to go as a coach.

Eva Murányi – June 2016


The ratio of theoretical to practical training was very good. The focus was where it was needed, that is, on actual hands-on coaching. The instructors were prepared and open and luckily a good team came together.

Péter Lendvay – June 2016


Thank you so much for studying here. The clear strengths of the training are the well-structured, structured curriculum, the plenty of practice opportunities, the well-prepared teaching staff :), with the many different – but somewhere unified – perspectives we were able to learn about. Dedicated support and a super team, just icing on the cake :). For me, this is the beginning of a journey – which I am very happy to have started with this training.

Anikó Gyetvai – May 2016


Effective hands-on training with a great coach brigade. In addition to knowledge, it provides an approach that will accompany our entire work.

Dorottya Nagy-Józsa – May 2016


During the training, I not only learned the basics of coaching, but I also learned how I work as a coach and in other areas of my life. Theory-practice-self-knowledge helped my learning in a good proportion!

Judit Pottok – May 2016


The training of the Coach Academy is of a very high standard: the knowledge and experience of the instructors greatly contribute to the creation of a permanent professional foundation, on which the practice where we can try our wings and acquired knowledge in a safe, yet lifelike situation is closely based. In addition to the professional attitude, the Academy also offers outstanding aspects in terms of human connections, organization and care for students, thank you!

Petrik Emese – December 2015


Really quality training from the best coaches, with excellent organization and practical opportunities.

Eszter Holló-Hunya – May 2015


I am glad to have been able to take part in the quality training, during which I got to know excellent professionals, some of whom I also see as role models in front of me.

Katalin Szabolcs – May 2015


When one wants to find the best of something, one needs to do some research, looking at many aspects. So was I. After a thorough tour, I finally found the Coach Academy. After a long period of requesting information, this was the only training place where, after the open day – and now that the training is completed – no questions, lack of feelings, unfulfilled desires and expectations remained in me. The Coach Academy is characterized by more than a traditional training: professional credibility, humane, supportive, developmental atmosphere and professionalism (in the noblest sense of the word). I was enriched with lifelong knowledge and recognitions, which is more than a mere curriculum. It has brought a qualitative transformation to my whole life that one only encounters in truly exceptional moments. Maybe never. This is given to me, here, by them. The Coach Academy is an unforgettable, cardinal experience, the first stop on my professional journey, which provided a solid foundation to help me become a truly authentic Coach, Thank you so much for every moment!

Andrea Bagi – May 2015


When I decided to become a Coach, I wanted to learn from the best. This training was recommended!
During the 8 months I not only had demanding, professional training with reliable and comprehensive communication and communication, but I was able to develop myself and become an even better person in a safe and accepting environment!
And this is an infinitely great gift!
That’s how I live! With infinite gratitude, as I was able to learn from the best, in the best way! Thanks!

Bernadett Buga – May 2015


I recommend the Coach Academy to anyone without a doubt. What I liked best – besides the fact that it was extremely useful to be able to apply the coaching process in practice in addition to theoretical education – is that although we came to the Academy with my teammates with diverse expectations and ideas, I was able to find what I was looking for. I got a lot more than I imagined. Thank you

Judith Pálfi – June 2014


What I really liked is the sincere effort to get students to know and understand the basics of becoming a coach. The instructors accompanied us all the way from the basics, after completing the milestones we were happy with the successes together. If you want to learn from authentic instructors, this is the place for you!

Zita Baranyi – June 2014


Great trainers, great team, tons of experience and an exciting journey. I found the training to be rich and especially exciting, training where the ratio of theory to practice is well designed.
To accompany others well (sometimes myself as well) requires a solid foundation, self-confidence, and courage. If you choose this training, you are sure to get them.

Lajos Tóth – December 2014


If anyone is determined to take part in a quality training course with great instructors that meets almost all the conditions for the ICF ACC exam, I wholeheartedly recommend Coach Academy.

Anett Kákonyi – December 2015


Whoever prepares for this course will choose a difficult course. At the Coach Academy, you will receive the starting ammunition. But the best of it.

Péter Juhász – December 2015


Thank you for the lifelong experience that the high level training of the Coach Academy provided me. Thank you to the excellent teaching staff and my dear teammates for the pleasant and instructive lessons spent together!

Dóra Antal – December 2015


A team of trained and highly experienced instructors from whom the coaching profession can be acquired at a high level, both in terms of theoretical knowledge and personal preparation and professional attitude.

Katalin Delzsényi – December 2015


The knowledgeable support of the Coach Academy instructors and the high standard of training helped me to experience what a great thing it is to get to know and apply the coaching process in both professional and private life.

Kökény Gyöngyi


I didn’t feel a single moment of time wasted during the training! The personality and personality of the trainers helped me to get to know the different coach styles and thus to discover my own style. Thanks!

Andrea Gémesi – May 2015


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