We believe that discovering yourself and learning will open the gates – the ones you want to get into. And also ones that you may not even know exist.
We, members of the Coach Academy, believe in the transformative power of unexpectedly emerging insights. But we also know that coincidences do not appear by accident. Only where there is enough openness, humour, commitment and creativity.
We believe in practice, and we believe that the only authentic field for this is reality itself. That’s why you can start right here with us in situations that you might have thought you could only get there after graduation. We will accompany you in person throughout, giving you regular feedback.
Because we believe that change occurs in connection. And that it truly has transformative power. We experience the transformative power of this knowledge on a daily basis, and we believe that the transformation and development that you will be a part of will contribute to creating a better world.


Dóra HegedűsPCC - Balázs Kurucz PCC - Kriszta Madai MCC - Judit Soós MCC



Professional leader

Profession: coach, sport psychologist – Qualification: economist, sport psychologist, coach


Building on my experience as a project manager and consultant in a multinational environment and my theoretical training as a psychologist, I started my coaching career in 2007. Since then as a coach, I have supported many leaders in effectively solving their professional challenges and accompanied them in their human fulfilment. In addition to my own coaching processes, I was also able to gain insight into the activities of many of my coaching partners as a mentor coach and coach trainer (Coach Academy, BKF coaching, KPMG-Academy). These experiences also contribute to and guarantee that my workshops will be completely permeated by practice. My philosophy: During coaching, we create a magical space together with the client, where in the space and time of trust the client has the opportunity to deal with himself and with the issues that are important to him, while initiating the change itself and promoting its practical dissolution. I consider the creation and maintenance of this space as one of my most important tasks as a coach. My other task is to take part in our meetings in an attuned manner. To reach this it is also very important that I am able to be in a “helping relationship” with myself too. In the spirit of this, self-awareness as a person and as a professional is a constant part of my life. The other permanent factor is learning, participating in professional trainings.


trainer, I am an ICF accredited coach with 20 years of coaching consultant experience. For 4 years, as an Accenture consultant, I have supported my clients in increasing productivity. Later, as a Dale Carnegie trainer, I specialized in presentation skills development, leadership development, and sales support. I am currently an instructor and one of the owners of the Coach Academy. As a coach, I have supported the middle and top executives of many large companies over the past 20 years in getting their work done more efficiently. I have 9,500 hours of training and more than 2,400 hours of personal coaching experience.


Executive director

The duality of support and leadership, creativity and walking on the ground with both feet characterizes my personality the most, and the fact that I am constantly on the move. My early years were determined by the game of handball, I played as a professional until I was 25, as a sixty times national team player I switched, and took a leadership position at a multinational company with a degree in economics and foreign trade in my “pocket”. During the 8 years I spent here, leading a team of nearly 100 people, I gained experience as an internal trainer, project manager, and then as an internal coach before my son was born.
In 2009, I decided to build my own business by changing my career, learning the profession of coaching and training, now in the consulting market. Our company, the Coaching Team, deals with the creative and conscious development of leaders and organizations. Our priority is the personalized development of young leaders. My mission is to help young, aspiring young people find their own leadership style, self-identified with them, to walk their own path consciously and resolutely. As a leader, credible and balanced individuals should act and lead now and in the future.
I believe in the power of coaching. I believe that it is possible to support individuals and groups and teams effectively through purposeful coaching processes, to lead teams and individuals with a coaching approach, and to live with a coaching approach, openness and understanding. It was in this belief that I worked for the presidency of the Hungarian Section of the ICF for 5 years, where I held the position of president in 2015.
As an MCC-qualified coach, I trained in several methodologies, such as Gestalt, Solution-Focus, Transaction Analysis. My work is also determined by my experience in improvisational dance and acting.


I am an internationally certified coach – business coach and trainer at the PCC (Professional Certified Coach) level. In the course of my work with my business and private clients, I also incorporate methodologies based on my experience of conscious, alert presence (embodiment, mindfulness) and dance into development processes and projects in the corporate and organizational environment.

I have more than 15 years of experience in the management consulting and service sector, which I gained at Amrop’s senior management consulting company and MALÉV. I have been competing internationally for eleven years and I am currently active in the development of top riders. I have a university degree in engineering and teaching and a postgraduate degree in coaching business coaching. I conducted further trainings in the fields of business, team and sports coaching, training and facilitation in Hungary, Germany and the United Kingdom.

I have held the position of chairman of the Hungarian Branch of the International Coach Association (ICF) since 2014, where I was able to work as the chairman of the section between 2018-20, and as the outgoing chairman I support the development of the coaching profession in Hungary as chairman of the Ethics Committee. I take an active part in the presidency of the Association of Hungarian Coach Organizations. I regularly publish and give lectures at domestic and foreign events, such as the Hungarian Coach Association, the Budapest Metropolitan University or the ICF programs.
The most important dowry of my competition dance career and my work with athletes was the efficient and effective planning, the purposeful preparation, the focus, the timing. These are skills that are also of great importance in the business world. Enabling the impossible, openness, a new perspective, overcoming obstacles, working together and persevering have become part of my self. My work is characterized by this spirituality, in this I support my clients in achieving and living their plans and desires.


NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer, Team coach, Agile Organizational Developer, Scrum Master

My 25-year history of intercultural (Dutch and English) leadership, pedagogy and coaching has been preceded by humanities, foreign economics and coaching studies.
It is characteristic of each of my activities that I am present with passion, commitment, focused attention and perseverance, be it individual or group coaching, coaching education, training, counselling, running, making music, or being with my family. So I often have the good fortune to experience a flow experience, even at work.
As a coach with an ICF international qualification (MCC), it is important for me to provide development support to my clients (in Hungarian, English and Dutch), from which they can discover their own – possibly hidden – abilities, get a wing, and thereby reach more consciously and effectively. their goals. I believe in partnership, mutual trust, the power of connection. I carry out my work with the ethical norms and competencies of the ICF in mind, whatever my role may be. (www.coachfederation.hu)
Equally important to me is my continuous training of myself, so I am on my own, endless journey of self-knowledge and professionalism.
My favourite professional fields are assertive communication and conflict management, because I also believe that the quality of our communication determines the quality of our lives.
However, I consider CSR to be an important value: I also support individual or group-civilian clients who would not be able to fund a coaching process: I led the CSR Team of the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a member of the board for 4 years as Director of Goodwill. I am also continuously involved in the ICF Good Service program as a coach, mentor coach, with a process, and in the work of the PAF Foundation, also as a volunteer organizational developer. More, more detailed information: www.fejlodescoachinggal.hu


Executive and Leadership Coach, Team Coach

I consider myself a real European citizen. I was born and raised in France, but since 1996 I have lived in Central and Eastern Europe. In terms of my professional background, I worked for international mid- or “multi” companies in various management roles: coordinating local, then regional teams in the areas of controlling, finance and IT organization (bringing together 8 countries), creating a PMO throughout the Central and Eastern European region, and I also ran a 250-person production company in Ukraine for 3 years. Later, I supported the top management (Executive Board, Supervisory Board) of a holding company uniting the Hungarian subsidiaries of an energy group in its formation and day-to-day operations, as General Secretary.
I have always worked with international teams. A multicultural environment is natural and necessary for me to consider my life fulfilling. The diversity and differences among us trigger my imagination, and I am simply and genuinely open to and curious about people…

For years I have had the feeling that I want to help people who want to deal with their own development. That’s when I discovered the coaching profession and it became clear to me that this was the professional path I was looking for, and consequently got my first ICF accredited coach training certificate in 2012. Since then, I am mainly supporting “Talents”, Senior managers or Executives at individual, group or team levels, in their transformation process, capitalizing on my natural ability to build or help building “bridges” between people, between organizations, between people and organizations. I work indifferently in Hungarian, English and French.
I am very grateful to be able to live my passion professionally day in and day out, making me feel like I’m in a really good place.
My own professional development and thus the development of my clients is also leveraged by a continuous learning process I am pursuing, and which has got me well acquainted with approaches and fields such as Transactional Analysis, Pocess Communication Model (PCM), Systemic Coaching, Transformative Team Coaching, Gestalt, Mindfulness, Appreciative Inquiry.


Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach, trainer, economic mediator, organizational developer

I have been working as a coach since 2012, first expanding my previous sales and management experience in the field of HR, with a basic degree in economics, followed by coaching, training and organizational development studies. It is important to me that I got my professional foundations within the CoachAcademy.
I have ICF International Accreditation (PCC). I am professionally committed to continuous development and growth. As a facilitator I belive in the importance of setting motivating goals, their achievement through conscious planning and work, and the effective management of obstacles that arise in the meantime. I consider a real, authentic and professional (professional) presence to be extremely important. The way to achieve this is through continuous self-improvement, including both professional competencies and self-knowledge.
My job is my passion, and I am very grateful to destiny to do what I love and what makes me feel truly complete and my life as well.
I believe that the only constant thing in life is change, accordingly, I inspire clients to realize the benefits of change and focus on future opportunities. This includes an appropriate AND effective emotional response to different situations, flexibility and responsibility for our actions. It is important to me to pay attention to each other and strive for mutual understanding.
Everything we do the way we behave is about us, so I strive for honest, ethical behavior and to set an example.
More information about me: www.kiralygertrud.hu


When we find and create our own solutions in addition to the experience of success, we also experience other legitimate prides. As a supporter, it’s exciting to see my clients build their own tailored changes. In my professional work, the application of the systems approach helps to implement them.
As a clinical psychologist, I also work with families with a solution-oriented approach. I teach, “spread” the family therapy approach.
As a coach, I also try to look at situations through solution-oriented glasses. In addition to activating resources accumulated in the past, we aim for the future, rather than listing problems. We work with processes that make clients, organizations and trainings enjoyable and effective.
I have been supporting business executives for years – to understand their language use – I have an MBA in Finance and Management. I think I already understand their language.
The systems approach ensures that the performance of a group is of a higher standard than the total performance of its members. I consider this to be a coaching approach that is worth applying and learning.
I believe in the Lifelong Learning model. To this day, I learn the most from my clients, and many of my degrees and countless successful trainings are the result of their work.


EAGT accredited Gestalt Therapist, Coach and Action Learning Team Coach

In my nearly 30 years of IT senior management work, I have learned a great deal about the successes of leadership, how lonely a leader is and how important caring for my colleagues is. As a regional director overseeing the operation of global teams, I know the importance of cultural differences, the diversity of personalities. Over the decades, I have helped countless times to form a common voice between teams and organizations of hundreds of people, often creating camaraderie among colleagues even in difficult business situations. I know the methods of talent management in the development of individual career paths, as well as the successful discovery and empowerment of talents who are not yet working on the surface.
As a leader, I became acquainted with coaching in 2005 and then a few years later with team coaching. Initially, I was motivated to increase my own leadership effectiveness, while later the coaching process became my profession. This sequence of events still helps me to easily understand the difficulties of the other side and the sources of uncertainties and obstacles during the meetings.
In addition to my schools, I am most proud of my teachers, from whom I have been able to learn a lot personally in addition to professional education. Ilona Erős and Tünde Horváth were the most influential in my approach, which was best articulated by Tom Landry, an American football player and coach: “A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.”
I turned my back on the corporate world 3 years ago and today I focus on how I can help others find their own way.


I have been involved in leadership development for more than two decades. I supported the leaders first as a language teacher and then as a language coach. In addition to Hungarian, I also lead my individual and group coaching processes in English. I am a humanities graduate, teacher, and foreign trade economist.
I have been working as a trainer, language and business coach, group and team coach since 2011. I have been part of the Coaching Team since 2014 and have been working as a coach trainer since 2019.
I am a committed psychodramatist – in 2020 I gained qualifications as a psychodramatist assistant and my plan for 2021 is to start higher education. In my coaching processes, I enjoy using dramatic elements that open up a newer and broader perspective for clients.
I believe in a holistic approach, continuous learning, and renewal. As a mother of three, flexibility, clear communication, taking on vulnerabilities, humour and self-identity are important to me.
I am a co-translator of the methodological book ‘Toolful coach’. As the leader and coordinator of Lean In Budapest Circle, I consider it important that women work harmoniously in their roles, find their strength and be able to stand up for themselves.


I’ve always been interested in what drives people and what makes organizations work well. I volunteered while attending high school and also worked during my university studies. So, I got into a leadership position early, maybe too early. At the age of 21-22, I could only rely on my existing patterns and instincts. They were also for my benefit for a long time. And yet, of course, they had a limitation. So, a few years later, I experienced what it’s like when I reach my limits and all of a sudden I can’t maintain what I’ve done so far. It was then that at the age of 25-6, I realized that being a leader is a profession – a profession that is not really taught in formal training and can mostly only be learned in practice. That’s when I started looking where I could improve on this and how I could scale the challenges ahead. I went to trainings and coached several times. And I discovered value it offered. So much so that I started learning coaching as a leader so I could better support my team.
Years later, I reached the point where I was more interested in the organizational aspect of my work, and I was more excited about group discussions and individual mentor conversations than any other part of my work. That was when I decided to switch and focus on what I really care about.
Coming from a start-up environment, I first helped companies operate in agile ways. I supported managers and investors in product management. In the meantime, I earned the title of NLP practitioner and then Master Practitioner. I studied Gestalt coaching and then therapy. And I practiced a lot. I was so lucky to have some regular clients where I could work with teams, groups, and individuals. For years, many hours a week. I think that was the time that really set me on track when I was able to experience a lot as a fresh coach.
I strive to be able to work with as wide a range of clients as possible – yet, just as everyone has, I know what topics make me feel better at home. I love the strategic issues of senior management dilemmas. Agility and product management are my heart’s desire, and I am happy to support both individuals and teams in this. It was an exciting time for me to become a fresh leader, so I am happy to support others in this. As well as at the same time they started to find crises and I liked when I have to find how we can work together after a strong emotional surge. It is supported by both NLP and Gestalt, as well as the Methodology of Generative Coaching and the improvisational theatrical experience. And, of course, as a leader, I myself have experienced crises and challenging situations. Relying on these, I support my clients in finding and creating their own way.

dr. Agnes Jagicza PCC

MSc in Coaching, Economist, Lawyer

I have 17 years senior executive experience in Human Resources, Organization and People Development in multinational companies with up to 3000 employees. I have successfully led various business strategy development projects, change management programmes, acquisitions, post-merger integrations and organizational culture change.

I obtained my MSc coaching degree during my corporate executive role, later I became a certified Systemic Team Coach, and recently also a professional life coach. I have the PCC accreditation through the International Coaching Federation.

My experiences and the methodologies I’ve studied give me a wide range of knowledge, as well as an important mindset: I don’t just see organizations as systems, I see the human side as well, with all its unique, intertwined areas of life. With this complex perspective and an empathetic, people-focused personality, I can be truly effective in my role as a coach.

My mission is to inspire my clients to find their uniqueness and energize them to make a change aligned with it.


Coach, Team coach, Mentor, Gestalt therapist, Trainer

I completed my initial coaching course in 2011 and immediately fell in love with the profession. Two years later, I made the decision to leave the corporate world and focus solely on people development.
I have been training and developing myself ever since. Additionally, I participate in multiple courses and qualifications every year (gestalt, transaction analysis, solution focus, organizational development team coaching, action learning facilitator, etc.) whilst constantly seeking mentorship because I believe that I can only support my clients in their own change if I am constantly evolving.
In terms of my professional background, I worked for 16 years in multinational organisations, during that time I led teams for almost 10 years. I worked in a call center, area of operations, as a project manager, as a training competency center leader and as an HR manager.
I have more than 3 000 hours of training and 2 500 hours of coaching experience. I received my PCC certification 4 years ago.
I have been working in the Board of the ICF Hungarian Chapter since 2018. Currently as the President of the association. I undertook this voluntary position because I believe in the power of coaching, I believe that coaching is a very effective way of development and can bring many dimensions of benefit for my clients. That is why, as the President of the Chapter, I invest time and effort at both professional and social level for the organisation.
I am a loyal humanitarian, I like to give to people, and as part of my personal mission I have founded a charity group (Caritas) that I am still actively working with. In addition, I participate in ICF CSR coaching every year as a coach or mentor, where we provide pro bono support to various NGOs.
Another important part of my life is the initiatives I take to ensure the sustainability of the ecosystem for today and the future. I believe this is one of the most important tasks for our society now, which is why I try to do as much as possible, both as an individual and as a professional.

Judit Chrenóczy-Nagy PCC

Business and Executive Coach

I have been working as business and executive coach since 2009 with wide range of senior leaders across the world. I have around 1500 hours of coaching experience in supporting individuals in their personal and professional improvement.
I also lead courses for international students in Business Ethics at the Study Abroad Program at Corvinus University, Budapest.
In general, I have more than 30-years of management experience in multinational environment as a coach, as a lecturer and as a member of a leadership team of a multinational company.
I have spent more than 1000 hours to learn different coaching methods such as transactional analysis, Gestalt approach, action-learning etc. I am a certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach.
As a coach and as a trainer/lecturer my philosophy is based on my belief that development is a natural and basic need of every human being.
In these roles I focus on creating a safe place where open discussions, curiosity and close collaboration support the individuals’ learning process and increase the ability of self-reflection. I believe in the power of co-creation both in coaching and in coach training.

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